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Craftman Style Floor Plans

Blakeslee Floor Plan The Craftsman home was a popular American architectural style in the late 19th century through the 1930s. Based on design elements from the Arts & Crafts period, Craftsman homes are marked by the functional use of local, natural materials, including wood, stone and metal. Craftsman homes traditionally include many hand-crafted features, with interiors designed to be more open and flexible than those of Victorian era homes. The traditional Craftsman Bungalow is a perfect example of this architectural style.

Common features found in many Craftsman homes, include:

  • Low-pitched roof lines, gabled or hipped roof
  • Overhanging eaves with exposed rafters or brackets
  • Thick, square columns flared downward to support the roof
  • A generous front porch beneath the extension of the roof
  • Hand-crafted woodwork throughout the home
  • Small double-hung windows grouped in sets of 4 or more
  • Fireplaces made of brick, tile or river stone and framed by symmetric bookshelves
Interest in Craftsman homes saw a resurgence in the later part of the 20th century when many homeowners sought to purchase older Craftsman style homes or incorporate elements of the Craftsman home into contemporary architectural styles.

And that's where Reel Homes comes in ...

Reel Homes offers Craftsman style floor plans.

Reel Homes now offers Craftsman home plans or can customize most of our floor plans to match a Craftsman elevation. As a custom home builder, Reel Homes can also build a custom designed Craftsman style home to meet your specific needs. Here are a few examples of our Craftsman style floor plans.

Blakeslee Floor Plan Craftmans Home Plan - Ottoman

Blakeslee Craftsman Floor Plan - Elevation D

Ottoman Craftsman Floor Plan - Elevation D

Craftsman Home Plan - James

Craftsman Home Plan - Belmont

James Craftsman Floor Plan - Elevation D

Belmont Craftsman Floor Plan - Elevation D

To find out more about our Craftsman style floor plans or building a custom Craftsman style home, please contact Reel Homes today.

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